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Welcome Back Meeting: “RBG” Film Screening

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This January, WLI’s Spring Welcome Back Meeting featured a screening of the documentary, “RBG”, which was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards. We were joined by the Havertown Area Community Action Network (H-CAN) Women’s Issues Group (WIG) who were accompanied by a local Girl Scouts troop. The documentary explored both the personal and professional life of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“RBG” highlights the arduous yet necessary struggle Justice Ginsburg faced while creating a path for women who seek a career in the legal profession. It is clear to viewers of “RBG” that Ginsburg possesses an inherent brilliance that is almost beyond comprehension. As the second female justice ever appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg has become not only a fixture in history but also a pop culture icon. Immediately following the screening, WLI Executive Board members facilitated a discussion during which attendees could offer their reactions to “RGB”. Freshman Maddie DeMarco (Protége to Co-President Caroline Kelm) offered a comment on her experience at the event: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires me to push boundaries in my own life, she has taught me the true meaning of defying the odds.” Justice Ginsburg serves as an inspiration to all, regardless of career aspiration or current profession.

To promote the screening of “RBG”, the WLI Communications Team hosted a giveaway of ten Ruth Bader Ginsburg dolls from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Two winners were selected during the screening and the remaining eight dolls were awarded through a giveaway on our Instagram. It is our sincere hope that the Justice Ginsburg dolls inspire our ten lucky winners to always stand for what is right, even if they dissent alone.

The WLI Executive Board would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Susan Liebell of the Political Science Department for helping to make this event possible.


About the Author:

Gina Maria Vreeland, Class of 2020
My primary role on WLI’s Executive Board is Director of Communications. In this capacity, I lead a team of three women who comprise the Communications Team. My team is responsible for the entirety of WLI’s online and print presence. I also serve as the Chair of our Women’s Health Subcommittee, which ensured the installation of trash receptacles for the disposal of feminine hygiene products in women’s restroom stalls on SJU’s campus in 2019. Happy Reading!